HİCRİ ERCİLİ | Cold Storage

In 1999 ERCILI Cold Storage Facilities were included in our commercial activities which were started by HICRI ERCILI in 1970s.


Cold storage method is based on applying cold to food products to decelerate their respiration and during this process delaying deteriorations. Cold treatment is the easiest, fastest and  best fit, method in protection of foods. As part of Good manufacturing applications frozen foods protect their original colour, odour and structure more.


Frozen foods are generally more nutritious than foods which are protected with different methods. On the 100.000 m2 one-piece land, dry, cold and frozen storage and quick freezing processes is done in 60.000 m2 indoor space in accordance with preliminary necessity of food safety and HACCP principles.


In the processing of good storage; Temperature and moisture control which are critical applications in food safety are controlled and monitored online with automation software. Besides, online  monitoring and controling of entrance and exit of the products to warehouse with web based software, we aim to be reliable solution partner with our customers.


HICRI ERCILI carries out its Cold Storage activities within necessities of ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 standards. HICRI ERCILI takes precautions to minimise the risk against dangers which are occured by OHS and acts of god (fire,flood etc.)  and improves them.


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