The business life of our founder HICRI ERCILI which started in 1970s in auto spare parts trade and chemical transportation, is being continued by the 2nd generation with continious advancement from that point.


Our growth period which started with chemical transportation, auto spare parts trade and fuel sale stations accelerated in 2000s with chemicals export, particularly sulphuric acid, which underlies todays progression. HICRI ERCILI runs chemical transportation business with self-owned tank trucks and national/international vessels.


Based in Bandırma/Turkey, our company has storage and customs clearence capacity of 200.000 tons of chemicals in 4 locations in Mersin, İzmit and Çorlu. We provide products and services to our exclusive clients in Turkey and abroad with more than 220 self-owned ADR certified trucks with SRC certified drivers.


HICRI ERCILI wanted to transfer his experience in land transportation to sea trasportation and initially purchased M/T “HİCRİ KAAN”, and while having experienced staff of specialists, expanded his fleet with the purchase of M/T “YİĞİT” in 2011, M/T “AYŞENAZ” in 2014 and M/T “BANDIRMA” and lately in 2017 “MT KAPIDAĞ”. In short span of time, the company reflected the experience of land transportation to maritime operations and with the stainless steel tanker vesslels, advanced to the leading positions in the sector.

The Company reached 200.000t/y capacity of aluminium sulphate production in the industrial sector under the HICRI ERCILI brand, at the facilities located in Bandırma and Mersin. In 2011, the product portfolio was diversified with liquid aluminium sulphate production. HICRI ERCILI branded aluminium sulphate which is already been imported to 4 continents is rapidly growing on track of becoming the global product of choice. HICRI ERCILI is the reliable and innovative business associate of private companies and public corporations.


ERCILI GIDA initiated its business of cold storage in food sector in 1999 within HICRI ERCILI. Our company operates in 60.000m² indoor area within 100.000m² land with its specialized staff in dry, cold quick freezing process. Our facilities provide cold storage and quick freezing services to many well-known food companies in Turkey.